This add-on system facilitates the adding on of tests to samples already in the laboratory. However, it takes time for laboratory staff to sort out add on requests and it should not replace appropriate test requesting on the initial request (e.g. ensure magnesium and phosphate is requested for nutrition/renal monitoring). We will vet all add-on requests and reject if inappropriate or inadequate clinical information.

Please ensure that all appropriate tests are requested on the initial request and the need to add-on tests is kept to those cases where an add-on is unavoidable.

PLEASE NOTE - WED 27th September

The electronic add-on system will be out of operation and a paper based system introduced for the interim. Please follow the instructions below:

 - Please Click on Click to proceed below.
- Print the request form and complete the form as required.
- Send the completed add-on form to the lab.
- Thank you for your patience the tests will take longer for us to do with this manual process.

We do not have the resource to support the increasing numbers of add-ons and we will withdraw this on-line function if it continues to be used inappropriately.


Paul Mackenzie - Operations Manager, Blood Sciences
September 2018

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