Cockcroft-Gault calculated GFR (Creatinine Clearance)
Serum creatinine (umol/l)
Age (years)
Weight (kg) (see note below if obese)
Sex (m or f) (lower case only)

Creatinine clearance (mL/min):



{(140 - Age) x wt (kg) x F} / Serum Creatinine (umol)
Where F = 1.23 if male, and 1.04 if female

Please note: When estimating a creatinine clearance for an obese patient an
estimate of the non-obese or ideal body weight (IBW) should be used.

 Ideal body weight for males in kg = 50 + (2.3) (height in inches > 60)

 Ideal body weight in females in kg = 45 + (2.3) (height in inches > 60)

 Adjusted body weight (ABW) should be used in morbidly obese

ABW = IBW + 0.4 (TBW IBW)

TBW = Total Body Weight

Original JavaScript by Dr M R Holland, New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton