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     PIP - 44

Clinical Biochemistry - Guidance

Clinical Information

Critical Differences

eGFR - a brief guide

Investigation of Gilbert's Syndrome

Investigation of Suspected Hyperparathyroid Disease

Hormone Measurements in Menopause / Secondary Amenorrhoea

Latex Allergy Testing Guidelines

Investigation of Rhabdomyolysis

Renal Stone Metabolic Screen

Thyroid Function Testing Guidelines


Other Information
Collection, handling and transport of CSF requiring spectrophotometry for detection of bilirubin (xanthochromia)
Toxbase Factsheets
Factsheets can be found at Toxbase website (username and login required)

External Laboratory Handbooks

Addenbrooke's Immunology User's Handbook
Addenbrooke's Genetics (Metabolic) Test Handbook
Downs Screening Handbook (August 2010)
Great Ormond Street Chemical Pathology Handbook (2014)
  Trace Metal Specialist Assay Service (SAS)
  Neuroimmunology & CSF Laboratory User Handbook
General Information
Routine Tests
Dynamic Function Test Protocols
Clinical Information
Other Information
Toxbase Factsheets

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