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Renal Stone Metabolic Screen

The patient collects 2 x 24 hr. urine collections (one with acid preservative) and when complete brings these to Basildon Pathology. On arrival, the patient will need to provide a fresh random urine into a plain universal and have a sample of blood taken. Both 24hr. urine collections, the random spot urine sample, and the blood sample are sent together with the request form to central reception in the Clinical Biochemistry laboratory.

A patient information sheet is provided.

For ease of laboratory handling the metabolic screen has been divided into 3 profiles.


Profile1: LMX CODE RSS1

Acidified urine for: Calcium, Oxalate, Citrate and Creatinine

Profile 2: LMX CODE RSS2

Plain urine for: Total Protein, Electrolytes (Na/K), Urea and Creatinine *

*Creatinine is measured on both collections to identify discrepancies which indicate incomplete urine.#

Profile 3: LMX CODE RSS3

Spot urine for pH, Cystine and Urate/Creatinine ratio

Blood sample in SST tube for Urea and Electrolytes, Calcium, Phosphate and Uric acid.


Last edited 16/04/14