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 Genetics Home Page

Local guidance on availability and requesting of molecular genetic and cytogenetic tests


Patients MUST attend Basildon or Southend Hospital Phlebotomy Departments on a Thursday morning (before midday) to have blood taken (before sample transport to London).

Do NOT send samples directly to reference laboratories; there are health and safety regulations regarding transport of patient samples.

Requests other than routine tests (e.g. karyotyping, cystic fibrosis) MUST be discussed with Consultant Biochemist beforehand.

Local Guidance and Information

Cystic Fibrosis genetic testing - Test Directory entry

Request Forms

DNA and Cytogenetics Test Request Form

Oxford endocrine genetics requesting proforma

Genetic testing for inherited endocrine neoplasia syndromes and related disorders (including Familial Benign Hypocalcuric Hypercalcaemia (FBHH)).


UCLH amyloid centre requesting
Genetic testing for hereditary periodic fever syndrome or hereditary amyloidosis

 National Guidance and Information

North East Thames Genetics Handbook
  Cystic Fibrosis genetic testing information sheet
UK genetic testing network