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PIP- 9

Blood Transfusion - Guidance

Local guidelines

The Communication and Transport of Blood and Samples between A/E and the Blood Transfusion Laboratory in Emergency Situations

Guidelines for Ordering Blood in a Major Haemorrhage

Guidelines for Transfusions at Thurrock Day Hospital Blood Sample and Requesting Requirements

Receipt, storage and Transport of Blood products

Request and Sample Labelling (Blood Transfusion) 

Summary guidelines on use of FFP transfusions  

Summary guidelines on use of Platelet transfusions  

Summary guidelines on use of Red Cell  transfusions 

  Red Cell Exchange Transfusion in adults with Sickle Cell Disease
  Irradiated blood products - Pathway for requesting
  Notification of special requirements HCR form
  Group & Save Form completion requirements (Zero Tolerance)

National Guidelines

British Committee for Standards in Transfusion

UK Blood Transfusion and Transplantation Guidelines


BCSH Guidelines for Transfusion



The Collection of Blood/Blood Components Theory Booklet (version 2b)


Labelling a Sample for a Blood Transfusion Theory Booklet (Version 2)


Receiving and Administering a Blood Component Theory Booklet (Version 2)


Irradiated Blood Products

Patient Information Sheets

Patient Information Sheets


General Information
Routine Tests



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