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PIP - 7

Blood Transfusion - Handbook 

Lab manager:  David Stokes extn 3024
Consultant: Dr Jagadeesan Shankari extn 1046, Secretary extn 3019
Consultant: Dr Sucheta Mane extn 3017,           Secretary extn 3019
Consultant: Dr Jo Howard extn 3627,                 Secretary extn 1406
Consultant: Dr Parag Jasani extn 3016,             Secretary extn 3018
  Hospital Transfusion Specialist: Maria O'Connell extn 8114
  Blood Transfusion: extn 3535
  Blood Group Serology  extn 4988
Major Haemorrhage line extn 7080

On-Call Consultant bleep number: 6133 (09:00-17:00 Mon- Fri)

                                                  Out of hours via contact via 


General Information

Medical officers have been issued with the North Thames RHA  “Recommendations for Blood Transfusion Procedure” and are advised to acquaint themselves with the “Handbook of Transfusion Medicine” 2007 issued by the United Kingdom Health Departments, available on the wards and departments.

The safest and most efficient hospital transfusion service is achieved when there is regular and frequent consultation and communication between clinicians and laboratory staff; a Hospital Transfusion Committee exists for this purpose.  Donor blood is a limited national resource and the best possible use should be made of it.  The Blood Group Serology Department welcomes any visit by clinicians.

Routine Tests
Test Directory - Contains details and sample requirements of Pathology tests
General Information
Routine Tests


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