PIP - 39 


Group & Save Guide


The Blood Transfusion Laboratory has a Zero Tolerance Policy with regards to mis / incomplete labelling. All sections of the Form & Sample need to be accurately completed with the required available information.

Staff are reminded that the "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy will be applied where the labelling of blood samples and / or the information provided on the blood transfusion request form are incorrect.

This is to avoid near miss and avoidable errors in the transfusion process

If patient demographics are unknown (e.g In a major trauma) the relevant details should be marked as unknown male / Female. A unique identifier (major trauma / hospital number) should be given. 

If patient is unconscious and are unable to establish all facts, including, special products please note on form; 'Patient Unconscious'

                                                                                                            Completed if known
                                                                                                      (if unknown please mark as unknown )












                                                                                                      Must be Completed
      Must be Completed
             Must be Completed                      if applicable  
(Previous Transfusions includes       
           those received at other hospitals)                                                             

                                      The person requesting the group and save sample should sign the form.
                                      The person taking the sample of blood should sign the Group &         
                                     Save sample and the signature on the form as patient identified-this is

                                      The reverse side of form needs to be completed to ensure special     
                                      requirements have been taken into consideration











 Must be Completed


Samples must be completed by hand as addressograph labels will not be accepted.



Version 1.1 / October 2013  Reviewed by: Haematology Quality Lead                           Approved by: Consultant Haematologist