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Test Directory - Fibronectin (POCT)

POCT Equipment

TLi IQ Analyser

Clinical Indications

Any woman in suspected preterm labour who meets the following criteria:

     1. Between 22 and 34 weeks gestation

     2. Plan to give steroids and tocolysis

     3. Membranes are not thought to be ruptured

Sample Type

Cervico-vaginal specimen extracted into a supplied buffer.

Sample Container

Cytyc Corporation Specimen Collection Kit.

Sample Volume

200 uL

Sample Handling

Samples should be analysed immediately.

Samples that are not tested within 8 hours of collection must be refrigerated at 2 8oC and assayed within 3 days of collection.

Special Precautions


Turnaround Time

A result is produced within 20 minutes.

Reference Range

The test is interpreted according to Labour Ward guidelines.


Testing is contra-indicated in the following situations: ruptured membranes, >3 cm dilated, cervical cerclage in situ, moderate or large vaginal bleed, placenta previa, multiple pregnancy or sexual intercourse in the last 24 hours

Time Limit for Additional Tests

If symptoms persist, and treatment or transfer is still being contemplated, the test can be repeated after 24 hours.


The test should only be carried out by a trained member of staff

Hospital Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure for Fibronectin Measurement using the TLiIQ Analyser

Last edited 16/04/14