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Test Directory - Glucose (POCT)

POCT Equipment

Abbott Xceed Pro Meter.

Clinical Indications

Production of rapid blood glucose results may be used to determine the presence of hypo- or hyper-glycaemia, and to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

Please note that diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus must not be made on the basis of a glucose result obtained from any blood glucose meter. All such interpretation must only be made on the basis of laboratory results.

Sample Type

Capillary whole blood (e.g. finger-prick) or heparinised venous/arterial whole blood.

Sample Container

None required for finger-prick samples.

Sample Volume

0.6 uL

Sample Handling

Samples must be analysed immediately.

Special Precautions

The patient's finger must be washed before finger-pricking to avoid contamination from glucose in food.

Turnaround Time

A result is produced within 20 seconds.

Reference Range

Fasting 2.5 6.0 mmol/L
Random 2.5
7.8 mmol/L


Serum or plasma samples cannot be used.

For glucoses <16.7 mmol/L the acceptable haematocrit range is 20 70%
For glucoses >16.7 mmol/L the acceptable haematocrit range is 20

Paediatric results <3.8 mmol/L need to be checked using a different method (e.g. on a blood gas analyser or by the laboratory).

Use of alcohol wipes interferes with the analysis.

Finger-prick samples are not suitable for use in severe dehydration/ peripheral shutdown.

Results falling outside of the range 3.0 20.0mmol/L should ideally be checked with a laboratory measurement using a venous sample.

Time Limit for Additional Tests

Finger-prick samples can only be used once.

If the test result is questionable or if clinical signs and symptoms appear inconsistent with the test result, re-test with a fresh sample or confirm the result by sending a sample to the laboratory.


The test should only be carried out by a trained member of staff. If you have not been trained please see your ward based link nurse or contact the POCT team (x 8382) for training.

Hospital Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure for the Measurement of Blood Glucose using the Abbott Precision Xceed Pro Meter

Last edited 16/04/14