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PTD - 171

Test Directory -  Anti-nuclear antibody



Clinical Indications

High suspicion of systemic autoimmune disease such as: SLE, Sjogren's syndrome, Raynauds, PBC, scleroderma, CREST, dermatomysoitis or polymyositis. Insensitive for Jo-1 associated myositis. ANA is not useful for screening normal populations as false positive are common in the elderly and unwell, especially at low titres.

Test Includes

Assayed by ELISA, which measures clinically significant DNA and ENA antibodies. Positive and equivocal samples will be tested for dsDNA and specific ENA antibodies.

Request Form

Combined Pathology Blood form (Yellow/Black)


Referral test: Analysed by Immunology, Southend Hospital. Urgent analysis must be discussed with Consultant Biochemist.

Specific Criteria

Clinical suspicion of non-organ specific autoimmune disease.

Patient Preparation


None required

Turnaround Time

4 working days (will be up to 10 days if DNA and ENA required)




2 ml


Yellow top (SST) tube or

Paediatric brown top

Causes for Rejection

Assay within previous month

Reference Range

< 0.7


Interpretive comment provided by referral laboratory. Test results are an aid to diagnosis and should not be considered as being diagnostic in themselves. Hence the test results should be used in conjunction with the patient's clinical symptoms, the patient's clinical history and any other available data, to produce an overall clinical diagnosis.

   Lab. Handling

Processing: Immunology at the Hub laboratory

Version 1.1 / Feb 2017                                                                                                             Approved by: Consultant Biochemist