PTD - 62

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Test Directory -  Antibiotic assay (not Gentamicin/Vancomycin/Amikacin)

Test Includes

Assay for antibiotics other than Gentamicin, Vancomycin or Amikacin

Request Form 

Combined Pathology Blood form (Yellow/Black)


On request during normal working hours

Specific Criteria

Please state the date and time of sample collection; antibiotic type; date, time and amount of antibiotic dose; contact details for the requesting physician

If in any doubt contact the Consultant Microbiologist (ext 3536)

Turnaround Time

Samples will usually be sent to a Reference Laboratory by overnight courier and the test performed on the day of receipt

The results will be telephoned to the Microbiology Department and then entered on the Basildon Hospital computer system




5 ml


Yellow Top (SST)


Samples MUST be transported to laboratory immediately

Lab. Handling

Samples should be sent to the Reference Laboratory on the day of receipt
If this is not possible the requesting clinician must be informed.

Factors which affect results  

Do not use grossly haemolysed, contaminated or highly lipaemic samples.

Causes for Rejection

Incorrectly and/or Insufficiently labelled sample
Delay in sample reaching laboratory
Failure to meet specific criteria regarding sample collection information etc.


Version 1.1 / October 2014

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