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Test Directory -  Factor XIII Assay


  F13, Factor 13

Clinical Indications

Re-bleeding from umbilical stump. Poor clot formation leading to re-bleeding from “healed” trauma sites. Spontaneous abortion.

Request Form

Combined Pathology Blood form (Yellow/Black or Blue for GP's)


Available routinely, samples analysed within one week of receipt.Please discuss with Consultant Haematologist before requesting.  

Specific Criteria

Patient should be bled with minimal stasis, and samples received in lab within 4 hours of collection. All requests are reviewed by Consultant Haematologist before testing.

Turnaround Time

Sample sent to reference centre for analysis. This analysis can then take several months, and may require further samples and the referral of the patient to a specialist centre, depending on results.


Citrated Blood




4 Blue capped vacutainer tubes

Lab. Handling

Samples double spun and frozen.

Causes for Rejection

Mislabelled / unlabelled samples. Underfilled, clotted or haemolysed samples. Patient on anticoagulant therapy. Failure to meet specified criteria.

Reference Range & Interretation

See report for interpretation



Version 1.0 / January 2013