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PTD - 253

Test Directory - Islet Cell Antibodies


ICA, pancreatic islet antibodies

Clinical Indications

Pancreatic islet cell antibodies (ICA) are strongly associated with Type 1 diabetes mellitus.  ICA in the asymptomatic high risk population indicates an increased likelihood of Type 1 DM developing. 

Request Form

Combined Pathology Blood form (Yellow/Black)


Referred test: Analysed by Clinical Immunology, Addenbrookes Hospital, if specific criteria met.

Specific Criteria

Request by Consultant Endocrinologist or Paediatrician for patients with Type 1 DM, or agreed with Consultant Biochemist.

Patient Preparation

None required

Turnaround Time

1 month




1 ml


Yellow top (SST) tube or

Paediatric orange top (lithium-heparin)

Causes for Rejection

Unlabelled sample; insufficient clinical information; assay within last year.


ICA are present in about 75% of T1 DM at diagnosis, but may disappear over time with destruction of the beta cells.

Lab. Handling

Processing: Aliquot (MPA) and store at 4C in separating fridge (CB39). Referral:  OSAPI and send or BPRO and save at -20C in separating freezer (CB40)

 Version 1.0 / July 2014                                                                                                           Approved by: Consultant Biochemist