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Test Directory - Lupus Anticoagualant


Please request 'Lupus Anticoagulant' when requesting this test. Requesting a Lupus screen or SLE screen will not result in Lupus Anticoagulant testing. 

Clinical Indications

Second Trimester spontaneous abortion / unexplained / recurrent DVT or CVA / Thrombocytopenia with thrombotic complications. Screen NOT available  within 4 weeks of pregnancy / miscarriage. Please discuss with Consultant Haematologist before requesting.

Test Includes

Coagulation screen, Dilute Russell's Viper Venom Time (DRVVT), Anticardiolipin antibodies.

Request Form

Combined Pathology Blood form (Yellow/Black or Blue for GP's)


At all times, work batched and performed fortnightly. Please provide samples between 9.00 and 17.00hrs weekdays.

Specific Criteria

On request, however, testing MUST be approved by a Consultant Haematologist

Patient preparation

  Samples should be taken with minimal stasis.
Patient should ideally be at rest and not in acute phase reaction.

Turnaround Time

within 28 days


Citrated whole blood and serum.


6ml citrated blood and 6ml clotted blood


2 x Blue Capped and 1 x Yellow Capped


Samples should be taken with minimal stasis.

Lab. Handling

Citrated plasma double spun and frozen

Causes for Rejection

Unlabelled / inadequate samples. Underfilled, clotted on haemolysed citrate sample or patient on anticoagulant therapy. Patient pregnant or less than 4 weeks since end of pregnancy. During acute phase.


  Acute Phase response, on Oral Anticoagulation


See report for interpretation.



Reviewed by Haematology Quality Lead                                                                   Approved by Senior Biomedical Scientist

Version 1.1 / July 2013