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~indicates test must be collected at Basildon or Southend Hospital as it may need laboratory processing immediately.

Test Name Sample Type Container Laboratory
Occult Blood (Faecal) Faeces 3 x Blue Capped Universal Clinical Biochemistry
Oestradiol Serum  Yellow Top (SST) Clinical Biochemistry
Oligoclonal Bands (CSF) CSF and Serum White Capped Universal
+ Yellow Top (SST)
Clinical Biochemistry
Oral Anticoagulant Monitoring Citrated Whole Blood Clue Top (Citrate) Haematology
Organic Acids Urine White capped universal Clinical Biochemistry
Osmolality (serum) Serum  Yellow Top (SST) Clinical Biochemistry
Osmolality (urine) Urine White capped universal Clinical Biochemistry
Oxalate (urine) 24hr Urine

Acidified 24hr urine container

Clinical Biochemistry
Oxygen Saturations (POCT)

Arterial/venous whole blood

Heparinised blood gas syringe

Point of Care Testing

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